WWE Team BREAKING UP? Real Reason Kane INJURED At WWE Extreme Rules! | WrestleTalk News July 2018

WWE Team BREAKING UP? Real Reason Kane INJURED At WWE Extreme Rules! | WrestleTalk News July 2018

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News. And if you’ve been keeping up to date on
your wrestling goings on you may remember that Luke and Oli challenged me to out-predict
them at Extreme Rule results for a chance to work here. Ahem. Annnnnnddd New-est member of the WrestleTalk
team, El Fakidor Laurie Blake! Yep, Oli and Luke went seven for eleven and
I managed 9 for eleven, I’m chuffed frankly, I’ve already forced the guys to give me
my new signee photos. This just proves that if you trust in yourself
you can do anything, and I’m El Fakidor so that goes double. W is for winning but L is for Lucha. Seth Rollins On Extreme Rules Main Event
Someone who got a few W’s but unfortunately one to many L’s last night was Seth Rollins. He main evented Extreme Rules in 30-minute
Iron Man match losing effort to Dolph Ziggler. The pair turned out for a fast paced match
– which is weird to say when it had a 30 minute time limit, but a while bunch of falls happened
within the first 10 minutes. But it will be that number 10 that haunts
Rollins and Ziggler. Because the crowd were, well what can I say…
bleep bleep bleep Hardcut
They never quite bothered to get into it. And they counted down the end of every minute
on a 30 minute clock as if it was the Royal Rumble or they were a backwards Shinsuke Nakamura
from a month ago. If there was a beach ball I’m sure they
would have been batting it around too. Great Wizard Nash would not have been happy. Seth Rollins was also not happy from the looks
of it, as he took to Twitter posting 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Sad really, people thought it was Roman Reigns Main Events the crowd didn’t like, turns
out it was just main events. Real Reason Kane Injured
Another bit of news that came out of Extreme Rules is that the Big Red Machine might need
to see a big red mechanic. WWE.Com reported that Kane ‘ ’ in a backstage
segment ahead of their Smackdown Tag Titles Match. But that ‘Despite returning to action to
help his Team Hell No tag team partner Daniel Bryan, X-rays taken on The Devil’s Favorite
Demon later revealed that he has suffered a broken ankle.’ So far so worky. But PWInsider dug a little deeper and unearthed
that fact that Kane was seen in a walking boot earlier at the PPV. So the attack was to ‘cover for the fact
that he has an injury to his left foot.’ There’s no word on how long Kane will be
out or even if he will be, but you’ve gotta assume some bedrest is in order. Unless he’s going to add the Biggest Boot
to his movelist. WWE Team Breaking Up? Somebody else getting the boot, might be Bray
Wyatt from the Deleters of Worlds. Segue! I can do that joke now I’m official here. Woken Matt Hardy, Bray and the Magic Lantern
faced Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel’s B Team for the Raw Tag Team Championships. And lost! Yes! Come through predictions
But actually, it’s a naff result from a crap match in what is an underwhelming feud. And it looks like it might now also be the
death knell for the Woken Warriors. After some miscues between the mortal vessels
of Matt and Bray, Hardy took to Twitter to say: ‘it may be time for US to move on.’ Now this could be him talking to the ghost
of Genghis Khan or one of the other personalities knocking around in his bonce. But it’s more than likely aimed at Bray,
my time on the internet has taught me that huge caps on a word means that what you’re
cross about. So this suggests the tag team might go their
separate ways. Which is good because I’d love to see Bray
get a Wyatt family back together. It’s the only Kool-Aid I’ll drink… because
they don’t sell it in England. A major, controversial star is returning to
WWE! Find out who and how by clicking the video
onscreen now! And give us a subscribe to keep up to date
with all the latest wrestling news. I’ve been El Fakidor and that was lucha.

100 thoughts on “WWE Team BREAKING UP? Real Reason Kane INJURED At WWE Extreme Rules! | WrestleTalk News July 2018”

  1. When a news channel that covers your product make a great job establishing a new commentator character while you are struggling with already established characters from NXT in your main roster. El Fakiador storyline was better than Bobby Roode whole WWE main roster run so far lol.

  2. PPV's are much longer than they should be.. and of course roman reigns main eventing is also a factor 😀

  3. To quote the legendary Stone Cold 'D.T.A Don't Trust Anybody' in this case El Fakidor he is an agent for the Cultaholic

  4. Anyone else surprised the green shirt guy wasn't there at all? I sure was glad. Now if only we could do something about the long brown hair guy.

  5. It's not every day you hear that Kane is legitimately injured. Also, it was damn annoying that the crowd kept counting. It was a great match between Rollins and Ziggler, but the crowd wasn't too kind about that. Booing Reigns for main eventing is understandable, but Rollins vs Ziggler was far from boring.

  6. I get that the crowd just wanna have fun… But damn Zigler and Rollins put out a great match. No respect whatsoever for the two greatest performers who are holding the whole of the Raw brand on their shoulders.

  7. I heard that the fans boo'd Seth and Dolph but I didn't notice it, "mainly Seth though" especially when they have the nerve all the time when he comes out to yell "Burn it Down" but if that was the case that's weird to me cause if the people last night boo Seth that is fine/their opinions but just saying cside they cheered Roman who they boo most of the time now "depending on what city/state they are in cause the fans of course are different around the world.

  8. The fans counting down 10 seconds leading to every minute was so dumb and stupid. If you want to do that go to the Royal Rumble. I predict that the next time we see an Iron Man match there will be no clock on the Titantron.

  9. Congratulations on joining the Wrestle Talk team. I got 7/11 or 8/12 including the other kickoff match. it was a very 50/50 ppv with WWE making some stupid mistakes and not taking advantage of the PPV's extreme gimmick. I hope Brocks either losing at SS or stripped of the title

  10. Read an article on Matt and Jeff, they might join back up, which might explain Jeff's action on Smackdown live. Maybe full Brother Nero, would be nice. Bray joining sanity, maybe.

  11. I think most people hate Roman because he isn't from Rome. Or is it because he roames around the ring. 🤔 I dunno I've watched almost 10 hours of Wrestling in 2 days and it makes me feel like I've drunk a keg of beer.

  12. I'm convinced teaming Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt was solely for the merchandising of Deleters of Worlds merchandise. I would love to see Bray get back with the bludgeons.
    Time to enter heresyville.
    It is my opinion that WWE missed a golden opportunity when Wyatt disappeared into the Lake of Reincarnation. Bray Wyatt could have come back as a hand chosen by the devil successor to The Undertaker. Obviously, he wouldn't be the same character, although he would take on similar characteristics and abilities. They couldn't call him The Undertaker but they could refer to him as Dead Man or Taker of souls or something. I honestly have never had the amount of excitement or anticipation for anything in wrestling like I had when I hoped they might go with this angle.
    Yes, there is only one Undertaker but there doesn't have to be only one Taker of souls!

  13. Matt lost his title, jeff lost his title, maybe they gonna put them both on one show again and bring back the hardy boys.

  14. Damn am i the only one pissed with the jeff and shinska match? Last time jeffs match ended that quick on a ppv was jeff vs sting because he was fucked up off them perks

  15. Wwe even removed the clock around the 17 -14 min mark to try to get the crowd to shut up but then they started counting down every 10 secs so they just put the clock back up

  16. El Fakidor is the best El Fakidor number 1 *clap clap El Fakidor is the best El Fakidor number 1 *clap clap El Fakidor is the best El Fakidor number 1 *clap clap

  17. The PPV was fairly poor but there were some high points. Like Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel being given an actual chance, Roman Reigns losing, Rusev getting a chance to shine, Seth Rollins main eventing. Weren't these some of the things people wanted? =/ (I know these were things I really liked) And yet people are still unhappy…the crowd hijacking the main event is going to have a very negative impact on both Rollins/Ziggler in the end. All management is gonna see if "Oh, well they must not have wanted Rollins or Ziggler in the main event…" So in the end they might kill the Rollins push that people wanted with their antics. (Anyway, that's just my opinion…)

  18. You can't blame people for being bored, or knowing seth rollins/dolph ziggler are stupid and boring. It was very hard to watch because every performer was a terrible actor. WWE is not even cool and never was, and going back you can't change the past(it wasn't cool then either) everything Michael cole said sounded like a sound board from the video games, corey graves sounds depressed, Byron saxton sounds like he doesn't want to be there. And coachman is always being humiliated for speaking like a sports announcer.

  19. I went 8-11 lost on corbin match, asuka match and surprise lost to b team. glad el fakidor is part of the team! and hey el fakidor, trust me, people hate roman, we do not want to see roman in main events or even be pushed no more! anytime you see the clock, people will do the countdown no matter who was in the ring!

  20. No the real reason Kane has a "injury" is because the mayoral election is in a few weeks. So unless he loses he won't be back in the WWE unless there in Tennessee.

  21. Bray and Bo Dallas need to be a group. But have their own individual titles, but Not the tag team titles.

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